31 January

It took twenty worldly years To fathom a glimpse, A bit of parts Person — is he The most favorite, The most extrovert, The most kind, Brilliant, combined At home, at me? The most angry (cares a lot) Cold (loves differently) Rarely, all smiles (huge responsibilities) Started from the bottom For two, three, four, Finally five Give back, me, Make him proud.   — happy … Continue reading 31 January

The Conventional Wisdom: A Response

Stuck in my newest routine as an intern, as I wait for my seniors to come, I came across The Daily Post’s Discover Challenge about Conventional Wisdom. It asked its readers to either: write a cliché one never agreed on, or to review a book, a poem, a movie, or a song innovatively, or to capture a (yet) unappreciated beauty of things people would just pass on, … Continue reading The Conventional Wisdom: A Response