The Conventional Wisdom: A Response

Stuck in my newest routine as an intern, as I wait for my seniors to come, I came across The Daily Post’s Discover Challenge about Conventional Wisdom. It asked its readers to either: write a cliché one never agreed on, or to review a book, a poem, a movie, or a song innovatively, or to capture a (yet) unappreciated beauty of things people would just pass on, … Continue reading The Conventional Wisdom: A Response

la la land

Recognising the hype of this one particular movie, I’m very positive that most people had already watched La La Land, the star of 2017’s Golden Globes (no wonder, tho!). I watched the film a few hours ago; probably because my expectation was up there, I was a bit disappointed. I looove the music, the piano-playing Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone’s solo, the dancing scenes are breath-taking; … Continue reading la la land