unnecessary sadness

It’s that time of the month again; a period where most biologically female individuals hated themselves for being very hormonal. Yours truly, to be exact. And everything that happened just seems to be annoying no matter how unannoying they actually are. Am probably going to regret or laugh at myself when I get over this but right now…I’m just going to let it all out.

Long distance relationships suck. I think people who are in one will agree. I used to think that LDR is fun; you have someone to come home to, you have someone back in your hometown that misses you, you have that motivation to get up in the morning and be done with anything you’re doing in overseas just so you can meet them again.
NOPE. Dead wrong. “Be careful what you wish for,” I learnt it the hard way.

Probably its less suck when your significant other is someone who is very attentive and if he/she misses you he/she will act upon it, no matter what. Probably it’ll be less suck if you did scheduled your Skype sessions or you make sure to leave messages often. Probably its less suck when he/she already have plans to visit you some time later, probably its less suck if the universe seems to be helping in any way.

Probably its less suck if you, your partner or both of you are not sensitive persons. Probably its less suck if both of you are captivated positively to whatever business you might have. Probably its less suck if both of your feelings cannot easily be made uncomfortable.

In my case, you might probably have guessed, what I experienced created all these what-ifs. All these probabilities I somehow wished was mine. The ideal condition me as an individual is never rewarded with in this so-called life, in this unfair world.

No matter how much I wanted to not care, me myself just won’t let me.

So no, I’m not breaking up with that amazing man of mine. It’s not entirely his fault. I’m just very, very, very exhausted that I must go through these unnecessary sadness I myself had created.

Here’s a tip: enjoy your time being single if you are, and please avoid that type of relationship called Long Distance as much as possible.
You don’t want to have experience this unnecessary sadness.



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