A Letter to Mr. Ahok

First and foremost, I want to lodge an apology. Forgive me, Sir, for I unfortunately have not participate on today’s governor election. Forgive me for my negligence. Forgive me for I did not follow the inkling I’ve got since morning; that I would not be able to vote from the place nearby my residence. Forgive me for believing and following my Mum too much I didn’t even followed my heart. Forgive me, Jakarta.

We listened to some persons who were in charge at the voting place nearby, they said we can come and vote at 12pm. We did came by then, and the one inside said the additional papers were run out. Then we rushed to the place we should’ve came to since morning, and I think it was just a few minutes after they decided they’re closing the place. I did thought they’d thought that we’d choose you, so they rejected us; nevertheless it was also our fault for being late. I’m sorry, Mr. Ahok. I’m sorry. Truly.

But I’ll pray for you. Always. For you and Mr. Djarot. I pray for Jakarta. I pray for its people to be intellect enough to support you, and I pray that those who constantly tricks and had always wanted for you to fail, fail themselves on their foolish quest to bring you down. I hope my brothers and sisters, who are with opened eyes, had used their rights to stand by you. I know God is with you, Mr. Ahok, I believe you’ll succeed through all this.

Stay strong, Pak. I wish I can meet you in person and thank you for everything you’ve done. You are such a blessing, such a hope, and I’m devastated just thinking about the thought of those two other candidates ruling this city. Jakarta needs you, Pak.

You’ve done your best. Let’s just let God do the rest.

forever a big fan,


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