About Privilege

About someone who was born in an Already-Okay family. About someone who has got sufficient, even more than enough opportunity in education for it to be an outstanding personal capital. About someone who knows little about hard work (progressing, though.) and what it means to sacrifice. About someone who felt that waking up at 6.30 AM in days where its supposed to be holidays is so bad until she found that Starbucks’ baristas must be ready on their stations at 4.30 in morning shifts. About someone who interned in a place where they won’t let her work overtime just because she would not be paid for it, or because of other maybe-reasons she cannot imagine. About someone who discovered that her favorite Pak Ogah is not smiling today and wondered why.

About someone who has seen the world quite differently as she had come into contact with the land far from home, living alone, excitedly embracing new and interesting encounters she found along the way, and was called adventurous for that. About someone who don’t have to worry about spending too much especially in health and security, just because her father said so. About someone who already had her pathways planned, even though is still hard to accept by heart. About someone her driver believed would be successful one day. About someone with colorful friends; friends from school and from most of her childhood, friends of different language and nations she had met in college and university, her friends of various jobs and ages she almost called her second family.

About the things, so many things, she wished she felt thankful for more.

About privilege.

She believed there are other people that are even more privileged than her; at the same time she realized someone else might just be thinking similarly towards her.

How privileged are you? Ah, forget it.
What can you be grateful and thankful for more, today?


peace out, gg.
(8.42 AM)


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