Hope & His Sister

They say, “Don’t expect too much, you’ll hurt,”or “Don’t hope too much, you’ll be disappointed.” And it’s true. Sometimes hoping on something so much, gives pain in return. Other rare times, hope gives you the happiness you’ve been yearning for. But most times, Hope keeps someone going.

Everybody needs inspiration,
Everybody needs a soul.
A beautiful melody,
When the night’s so long.
Cause’ there is no guarantee,
that this life is easy.

– Miley Cyrus, ‘The Last Song’

When I heard this song, randomly when I was driving several days ago, I was stunned. I came to a realisation of how true even just the first line of the song was.
Breathing consists of two events: Inspiration, is when the oxygen enters your nose (or your mouth), and Expiration, when it was exchanged with carbon dioxide and is ready to leave your body.
Inspiration. You need inspiration; you breathe. Figuratively spoken through this song, you need that other Inspiration. That thing that gets you going. Something that pushes you towards a specific (or also a broad) goals and purpose; dreams, even.

And now you’re probably sitting there (or laying down) with your gadget and think, ‘What are you trying to say? What’s the connection between Hope and Inspiration?’ Believe me, I am thinking about it too. I’m trying to bridge the thoughts that has been buzzing me for days properly. I believe each person would have different perspectives on this.
So I googled ‘hope’ the other day and it gave me:
– noun: A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.
– verb: want something to happen or be the case.

I am currently googling ‘inspiration’ yet the Merriam Webster website won’t open so I typed it on Dictionary instead. It says:
– mass noun: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
Well, well.

Both being ‘that thing that makes people going’, I think Hope and Inspiration are siblings. Sometimes they’re together and in other times, they would come by themselves. Still, I think they’re related somehow.
Let’s take an example.
When someone get inspired, say, to open a business. He or she would then hope that the business could be going concern.
Or when someone is captivated by another, he or she would then hope that they would be able to love the other more and more; when he’s inspired by her, or vice versa, they’ll hope for better things, too. Better things for themselves, better things for the other.
Yet sometimes, most times in my life, both Hope and Inspiration loves to play hide and seek. They’ll be here for twenty seconds; ten seconds when I’ll be inspired by something then I hoped whatever my mind thought was the next step goes well, then the other ten seconds when I close my eyes, counted, and they started hiding. So practically it wasn’t even twenty seconds. And growing up already, I got tired fo playing.
Then I stood there. Or I sat.
I think. (is there any past-tense form of think though, other than ‘thought’?)

Why do people hope? How can someone hope? How do one find inspiration?

To me, hope is the belief that things could be better; even when it seems like it’s not. It’s staying even though I felt like leaving. It’s working through obstacles, to keep doing whatever that is present at this time, to achieve that goal at the other end. And I realise how important Hope is, how I want Hope to just be there with me every minute in my life just to give meaning.
To inspire.

This is random, but when I was driving to work in the morning two days ago, I came across an old man whose helping out cars on a busy intersection. He smiled at me, wide. I still remember his smile as I saw him again yesterday morning, same time, same place, same huge, genuine smile.
Behind the steering wheel, I smiled back; felt a sudden energy within me, inspired. I grabbed some money, greater than what most people would probably give him (sometimes they just go by and pretend he’s not there), and I regretted nothing.
At that moment, he inspired me. His smile inspired me. Not just to write a blogpost about him inspiring me, but he reminded me of something very crucial to my whole existence.
I was reminded that what I always wanted to be is someone that is able to make someone else happy. Someone to count on for help; a shoulder to cry on, literally, even.
His smile reminded me of how much I wanted to be rich, just so that I would be capable of giving so effortlessly to people in need. His smile reminded me to be happy no matter what circumstances I am in; he is freaking smiling on the middle of that intersection with cars passing by him while I was in my chilly car listening to music, and I can’t even smile!? That’s insane; I object to be that insane. Promptly, I hoped again.

Thank heavens, Hope didn’t leave me again this time. Yesterday, Inspiration came to me in the most awkward situation in my life, well, at least to me.
If you haven’t already know, I am in the middle of my internship in a place where people would say either, “Wow, that’s cool!” or, “Don’t go there, you’ll have no life.” We were going to lunch as my manager and I talked about some things.
Let me ask you a question. Is it weird to know things about someone that is close to you, through someone else?
That’s what happened to me. I knew about someone close to me more through someone else, than through that someone close himself. That’s weird, right? But through her, my manager, I was, too, inspired. Unexpectedly.

It was about hard work and love. About the time he sacrificed just to earn more, to bring the standards higher for my entire family. Through her, I realised how inspiring my Dad was: How inspired she was by my Dad and through her stories, how many other people looked up to him. I realised how much he loved me; how much he had changed for the period that I was abroad, how much he actually cared. I was, definitely, inspired.

And today I hope that Hope and Inspiration are old enough to not play hide and seek again. Isn’t it time to settle, you two?
peace out, gg.


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