autobiograph: The Answer

‘But I never liked him, either,’ I defended my self and my current relationship. Those monthly fluctuations of my hormones somehow betray me for at least some days each month. On different nights I would be (or feel) attacked by intrusive thoughts, or thoughts I once (or twice) had in the past. Last night, it was the thought of this guy I was close twice … Continue reading autobiograph: The Answer

About Privilege

About someone who was born in an Already-Okay family. About someone who has got sufficient, even more than enough opportunity in education for it to be an outstanding personal capital. About someone who knows little about hard work (progressing, though.) and what it means to sacrifice. About someone who felt that waking up at 6.30 AM in days where its supposed to be holidays is … Continue reading About Privilege

Hope & His Sister

They say, “Don’t expect too much, you’ll hurt,”or “Don’t hope too much, you’ll be disappointed.” And it’s true. Sometimes hoping on something so much, gives pain in return. Other rare times, hope gives you the happiness you’ve been yearning for. But most times, Hope keeps someone going. Everybody needs inspiration, Everybody needs a soul. A beautiful melody, When the night’s so long. Cause’ there is … Continue reading Hope & His Sister