me, the intern

One of them is also (still) an intern. Not an intern daily like me, but yeah, she’s new too. She seems to know what she’s doing, nevertheless. She’s very kind, very helpful. She gave me tasks to do, even on my second day. It was only the two of us at 8.30 AM in the morning today, until the other women came after an hour and two.

One of them is an alumni from University of Melbourne, I think five or six years back. Three days ago I asked about her grades back in university and the conversation ended with her telling me to not be an accountant (I think I told her how my grades aren’t that great). It hit me, honestly. In fact, I can actually say that I would not want to be an accountant, some few more years in the future.

One of them previously worked in a smaller public accountant office. She said she wanted to try working for the Big Four, so she applied and is here now. She asked me today whether or not I’d be an accountant when I finished school.
I said I don’t want to.

Because I really don’t want to. People had been telling me that being an accountant, one for the Big Four especially — it will take your life away. You would not go home, you’ll be lacking sleep, you’ll be very tired…
But that is not the sole reason of me not wanting to be one.
I just don’t simply enjoy sitting in front of a computer, looking at perpetual numbers, checking whether those figures are accurate…… I even got tired thinking of it right now.

This intern, although its just Day Two since I was sick for two days (yeah another sign from the universe that I should’ve not be here), strengthened my previous struggling decision when I thought I’d fail Intermediate Financial Accounting back in November. I’d probably try Finance.

I’ve been very preoccupied today as my dad and I had a quite serious conversation this morning while he drives me to my workplace. He said I should start thinking about what I want to do since (he finally said it!!!) its my life and not his. When he say that, I was relieved, except my little scaredy heart screamed, ‘But what do I truly want? That is REALISTIC and ACHIEVABLE?’

Truth is, I don’t know.
What’s pathetic about me is, I don’t know myself that much to  actually decide what I’d wanna be in this miserable, yet hopeful world. I would want to be a part of a musical — singing my heart out and be a whole new person in a show. I would want to write my own book, as while these people are busy fixing numbers to balance and recapping the business’ accounts, I am here with my Techniclick pencil writing my train of thought.

My Whatsapp buzzed and I lost it. Okay. Where am I.

Oh yeah. The thought of the continuity of life after University. If you know the real me, you’d know that when I think of something, I overthink (hence my tumblr handle). So right now I’ll just stop here and pray that everything’s gonna be alright.

(finished writing at 5.19 PM, eleven minutes to be officially done with today’s internship — which I did not do much today.)

peace, gg.


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