la la land

Recognising the hype of this one particular movie, I’m very positive that most people had already watched La La Land, the star of 2017’s Golden Globes (no wonder, tho!). I watched the film a few hours ago; probably because my expectation was up there, I was a bit disappointed. I looove the music, the piano-playing Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone’s solo, the dancing scenes are breath-taking; especially the ballroom ones, the cinematography is just outstanding and not to mention how I like very much the fashion around both Gosling and Stone. BUT, I hated the plot. Probably it is just simply very heart-breaking, somewhat unexpected; and (SPOILER ALERT!) it even gave the audience false hope as it shows clips of an alternate ending in the Epilogue. It scrambled my tiny heart.

ANYWAY, again, the music’s amazing. As I read more about the film, I found out that it was written by the same writer as Whiplash; a movie around jazz too, drums. I cried watching Miles Teller played the drums with so much blood peering on his hands. What a movie.

The one song that broke my heart is the Mia and Sebastian’s Theme Song, played multiple times throughout the film. One time near the end it made me cry… Another song that is crucial to the movie is called Fools Who Dream, the refrain:

Here’s to the ones who dream
Foolish, as they may seem
Here’s to the hearts that ache
Here’s to the mess we make

Surely a must-watch for a musical geek (even the juniors like me).

p.s. sky porn everywhere. (spoiler alert 2.0!) they even danced mid-air. And in case you haven’t noticed yet, yes, it’s also a Romance film. teehee

(photo courtesy: Google)

peace, gg.


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