continuing a thought I had

Four days ago, I absent-mindedly posted this on Facebook:
I think its just beautiful how you can always speak up your mind, in words or through your speech, whereas I’d regularly jumble my thoughts into improper sentences that I sometimes should repeat myself to make it clear. I think its just beautiful how, as I think about it, I was drawn into you; you were the spotlight of the show while I was the captivated audience, you were the optimistic voice my pessimist self needed, you were the lost puppy when I lead you home and you were the softness my cold heart had yearned for.
– 12.23 AM thoughts

Let me tell you one thing: my boyfriend and I are two, very different people. I won’t claim that I know the world and I can confidently say that I’d never understand it completely; as sometimes I still question how could we even happen. Sure, we both knew how; but it is still very interesting to me that though we have very rare things in common, we are together. Don’t get me wrong, this differing characteristics had made us, us. To not be cheesy, I do believe that he complement me and I complement him, like no other person would. And that is beautiful.

Perhaps attraction do not always comes from similarity, eh?

peace, gg.


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