anyway, 2017.

Still in the new years vibe, I reckon it is appropriate to write such a post that would act as a reminder for my future self to be better. A friend asked me in NYE, to sum up 2016 in one word. As I was very active during the holidays, I had seen some posts saying that 2016 was a year of realisation; which I relate so much to.

2016 to me, was a year of realisation.

I realise so many important things in me that needed acceptance, I discovered my own self. As I hurt, as I felt pain, I learned that sometimes no matter how hard you love someone, you cannot change them. I came to know that passion is real, doing something you don’t like or out of someone else’s ‘coercion’, won’t do you any good. I learned that forgiveness is powerful, I experienced how exposure brings one (or two) peaceful relief. I learned that sometimes you have to be ignorant to toxic friends or individuals, not hate them, just don’t stand too close. I learned that keeping things private is crucial to someone’s well-being, though sometimes telling someone something that weighs you down will make you feel 10000% better.

I learned about mindfulness! For the first time in my life I did yoga, and it really did help with the intrusive thoughts that repeatedly intrigued me.

I, too, was taught how to love. He introduced to me the yin-yang: that in every bad thing that happened, there’s always a good side to it and vice versa, making life…as it is.

Lastly, kindness. I realised how kindness affects people in an absolutely great way, so kill em’, kill em’ with kindness (by Selena Gomez).

And as I contemplate on 2016 (which is quite late yeah its the ninth day of 2017 already but better late than never, right?), I realised that I’m not yet strong enough. The diamond is not ready yet. I know there’s still so much more in me, I know should push through.

So, anyway, 2017, help be to be better. Give me the eagerness to cook for myself later in Melbourne as I’ve been spending too much money in 2016 for just…food (yes this is my only resolution: to cook more!) And I really do want abs. *drools*

About resolutions, what’s yours?


peace, gg.


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